Why you should start a blog?5 min read

People always expect an answer for why they should or should not do?

It is NOT wrong. I did too!

Well, these are my thoughts on why I started blogging in first place.

It might not be same for you, but I hope these reasons would help you in finding your own reasons or advantages to start a blog today.

Below is the gist of what I am going to talk about this in this whole post.

  1. Satisfaction of building from scratch
  2. Become master
  3. Organize your thoughts and learn
  4. Improves creativity
  5. Meet new people
  6. Stand out
  7. Make money
  8. Conclusion

If you are still reading this after this gist, I understand that you wanted to get started right away.

Hold your horses!

1. Satisfaction of building from scratch

Successful in blogging

When I started career after my college, I was always behind money.

I was always thinking about what should I be doing next which would give me more money.

Soon I ran out of juice and I didn’t like what I was doing.

So I have taken a step back and thought about my college days where I was happy and did introspection on it.

Which led me to the find where I never cared about money and always on the thought of creating something new and happiness I got from that is more than money earned.

The thing which I wanted to convey here is, Start something new in your life and let blog be the way to gain your confidence.

2. Become Master

Blogging Master

No one is master on the day of their birth.

You have to be better of yourself from yesterday to become master of things which you care about.

Even while writing before this blog I made quick google search to find out what people are saying from their perspective on starting a blog.

Start with something bare minimal, Start typing your thoughts about any topic you are passionate about.

Don’t expect too much like getting a million visits on first month of your blogging.

I am not saying it is difficult. I am just pointing that is not the matter.

3. Organize your thoughts and learn

Organize thought

Writing a blog would help you to organize your thoughts at least if not on the first blog post it will be by 20th or 25th blog post.

Before starting this blog, I have started around 10 blogs. I did because I want to improve my writing skill which I am very bad at.

I used to just scribble and post it without caring about to what user these posts are addressed to or at least i should have proofread the content.

If I see my very first blog post which I have written, it makes me feel how improved I am in organizing the thoughts and putting it out to the users.

4. Improves creativity

Improve your creativity

When you start delivering content to the people it always make you work hard for your next post.

You would always think about, how creatively I can distinguish my blog from others and grab the attention of the users.

When you are trying to do so, you would be checking different blog posts which will give you more thoughts on how to present your thoughts to people.

I will give away one secret here, before reading backlinko.com I have always written my posts like a book too informal and boring.

But now when I write every post I always feel like I am talking to you people in person.

5. Meet new people

Get to meet new people

This is one thing I always believe in.

You are not the first person in this world to face a problem be it in work life or personal life.

It would have already been faced by someone and that someone would have already found solution for it.

It is just that how you are going to solve the problem.

That is why in Q&A sites there are always people with same question as you had.

So blog would be way to find those similar thought people and get to know them and connect.

6. Stand out

Stand out from the crowd

Your blog will be representing you in this world.

Your blog posts would tell them who you are as person and what you are capable of in doing things.

I have seen many people being called for an interview by companies based on their blog.

It is their writing and thoughts about the topic that interest the employer.

Just like I said before there might already be a solution to the problem but is just that how your solution is different from others.

7. Make money

make money blogging

There many people who make their living by making money through blogging and there are some who just wanted to share their thoughts to the people.

I stay in the middle, I do not know whether I would be able to meet my life needs with this blog but I am gonna at least need money to run this blog self sufficient.

Also I want to stress this point, According to me making money should be the by product of your passion towards writing.

I would write a post about how I am planning to monetize this blog and post it here.

8. Conclusion

It is not just the above 7 points that made me in starting this blog.

But these are the points which came into my thought first while writing.

I also think writing constantly would bring in the discipline in yourself to deliver the learning to the people who are expecting you.

What’s your thought? Share in the comments below, Let’s have a talk 🙂