Finding your niche and know what topics to blog about3 min read

Well, be honest here, If you haven’t yet decided on whether to blog or not. You should read this article before reading this one.

No worries, I will be waiting for you here.

If you have decided that you have to blog, let’s start the process of finding what is the topic you will be blogging about.

If you have read my about page, you would have got to know that I failed for so many times in blogging.

Most of the times it is because I haven’t chosen the right topic to blog about.

I will give my framework in choosing the blog topic:

      • What am I good at?
      • What do you like most to read/talk/write more about?
      • What do you want to be good at?

Try to answer these questions. Take some time and try to answer these questions.

If you are able to figure out answers to these question just skip to section in this article to evaluate the chosen topic.

If not, do not worry, this is where most people get stuck including me.

You do so many activities in your day, but still it is very difficult to find out what we are good at.

I will give you my approach of how I figured out what we are good at.

This activity should happen in the end of a day. I have set a timer for 20 minutes in my mobile phone.

Taken a notebook and pen and then written out things which you did from morning till now.

Those steps being followed should answer the first two questions.

For 3rd question, list down something which you always fascinated to learn about.

Once you are done, go through each of them and evaluate whether you do it everyday and like doing it in the future.

Note those topics down. You have taken first step towards your success. Cheers! Give yourself a pat.

Pat yourself

Now you have chosen the topics you like, it is also important to figure out there are people who are in need of those content.

Don’t worry there are tools with which you can easily figure out whether people need it.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Adwords

Select Keyword planner from tools and you will be taken to the keyword tool.

Google Keyword explorer

Click on get search volume data and trends. And type in your topics one by one to figure out whether people are searching for it or not.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends

This tool is also from google. I am just giving the free tools here.

With this tool you can figure out the search trends on topic.

This also helps you to figure out what keywords people are searching from in that geography.

3. Paid Tools

With these free tools, you can get only small informations.

If you wanted to understand more about the topic like what competitors are writing about that topics. You should be using one of the many tools mentioned below

Moz explorer – Free limit on the querying

Ahrefs – They do not have free query but they do have free trial

SEM Rush – Free trial to search the keyword.


I will try to update tools I come across in this list.

If you happened to use tools that are more useful. Please leave it in a comment. Would be helpful for everyone.


I just wanted to end this blog with one thing. Never choose blog topic just because you see lot of people were successful in blogging on that topic.

Come on, I know you have so much to digest. Take a break, have coffee and think about it. Cheers!