About Me 🙂

Well, as so many people in the world I too had procrastination and that made me start almost 10 blogs and I kept falling short.

In each and every one of them I failed miserably but I was making improvement by not doing mistakes which I did in the previous blog.

I was expecting some hand in hand help from people who already made it.

But it was always difficult to find one.

So, I do not want yet another person to face the trouble I had gone through.

I would be posting my learnings from failures and success over a series of posts which would help someone to mark their presence in web.

It is a vast world, it is also always not possible for everyone to learn everything.

But it is bad that you haven’t taken any step to gain knowledge.

So join me and let us learn digital marketing and discover what is there for us to learn.

If someone else is able to do it, it is already proved that you too can!


Bloggy 🙂